Getting Here

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By Foot

There are many routes into North Shields Fish Quay when travelling on foot. The main roads leading into the Quay are from the South: Bedford Street to Liddel Street & Bell Street, or from the North: Tanners Bank and Union Road. If approaching from Tynemouth, the riverside walkway following the harbour edge can be used to get straight to the Quay. Keep an eye out in the area for signposts leading straight to the Fish Quay.

By Bicycle

Being part of the extremely popular Coast 2 Coast cycle route to Tynemouth, North Shield Fish Quay can be easily accessed via many of the surrounding routes for anyone with a bicycle. Bicycle stands are available at various points across North Shields, including on Bedford Street within the town centre as well as the quay itself, making the Fish Quay an ideal location for cyclists to stop off for refreshments and to explore the unique surroundings.

By Car

From the A19 follow the A193, take a right onto the A1149 and continue to the roundabout, turn left at the roundabout and follow Prudhoe Street and A187. Turn right onto Bedford Street and follow the road to the riverside, then turn left onto Liddell Street and continue until you see the car park on your right. This is the start of the Fish Quay area and it runs along the river edge towards Tynemouth.

By Bus

The Fish Quay is easily accessible by Bus via one of the transport providers (Go North East and Nexus) in the area. Please contact them or see their website route information for further info.

By Train

The Fish Quay has easy access from Central Station in Newcastle by departing at the station and taking the Metro service to ‘North Shields’ Station. From here you can follow the Metro instructions for walking to the Fish Quay.

By Metro

The nearest Metro Station is named ‘North Shields’, get off at this station and walk into the main high street (Bedford Street). Turn right and head towards the end of the main road and shopping area. Continue on Bedford Street heading down hill towards the riverside. At the bottom of Bedford Street turn left onto Liddell Street and continue until you reach the Fish Quay. You can also reach the Fish Quay from Tynemouth Metro Station. The best way to reach the quay is to exit the station via the eastern (Tynemouth Front Street) side, turn right and follow the road to Tynemouth Road (A193) until you reach Oxford Street where you turn left and follow the road towards the river. Once at Oxford Streets car park, overlooking the river, follow the coastal path right towards the Fish Quay.

By Ferry

A regular ferry service from South Shields to North Shields runs throughout the day. Once you get off the ferry at the North Shields side, follow the signposts to the Fish Quay by turning right onto New Quay and then right onto Clive Street. Continue straight on Clive Street, then Liddell Street & Bell Street until you reach the Fish Quay.