Fishermen’s Mission

The Fishermen’s Mission fights poverty and despair in our fishing communities by providing emergency and welfare support to fishermen and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Over 13,000 men and women work in the UK’s toughest and most dangerous peacetime occupation: deep sea fishing. At sea, they face death and injury on a daily basis. On land, many face insecurity and debt. And life for the 50,000 retired fishermen and their dependants is no better, with debt, inadequate pensions and scant savings meaning no respite from hardship once the fishing’s over.

The Mission has traditionally provided facilities for fishermen working away from their home ports and this remains a focus of their activity.

North Shields may be a mini-centre but Superintendent Peter Dade and his dedicated team of volunteers work flat-out every September when the prawn season begins providing home-from-home facilities for visiting fishermen. The Centre remains open until 10pm every day except Sundays for over six months. The men and women who spend weeks away from their home ports and families can shower, do their laundry, as well as use the internet, play pool and enjoy the occasional film and games nights. But Peter Dade would be the first to admit that without his tremendous team of helpers such a warm ‘Geordie’ welcome would be impossible.

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