Wallsend - Fish Quay History


The town of Wallsend has played a major part in history dating back to Roman times, through to the heyday of coal mining and, more recently the shipbuilding industry.

Wallsend gets its name from the mighty Hadrian's Wall that once stretched across northern England, marking the eastern most point with the fort of Segedunum. In 2000, Roman life was re-introduced when the multi-award winning Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum opened.

Coal and shipbuilding have had a major impact on Wallsend. Wallsend coal was considered the finest coal around and was shipped off to the wealthy in London. More recently, the world famous Swan Hunter shipyard has put Wallsend on the map having been central to the heyday of shipbuilding.

Ships built on the Tyne in Wallsend include the Mauretania that held the Blue Riband for the fastest Atlantic crossing for 22 years and the Carpathia that rescued survivors from the Titanic.

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