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Neighbourhood Plan Group

The Fish Quay has long been an important place for regeneration and development and it’s in the spotlight once again for a new, never-been-done-before project.

The Fish Quay and New Quay conservation areas are the focus of a new planning initiative introduced by the Coalition Government.  It is one of 17 pilot Neighbourhood Plans, a new provision introduced by the Localism Act.  So what’s it all about?

Neighbourhood planning is part of Localism which is all about the Government giving their centralised power to local people so they can make important decisions about their own neighbourhood. The Government wants to empower communities to take control and seriously influence the development of their local area.

Usually, the Local Planning Authority (North Tyneside Council) would prepare planning documents for the area and include community consultation. But now, local people can get together and write their own planning documents that will have genuine weight in planning decisions for the future. Planning documents are used to help decide planning applications and development proposals as well as providing a vision for the area.

From Summer 2011, a group of more than two dozen locals gathered to form a group that prepared a Supplementary Planning Document for Fish Quay and New Quay conservation areas.  

The final document that the group produced was adopted and will be used by North Tyneside Council. It sest out what the community would like to see built where, and covers things like employment, leisure or housing. It also addresses design issues to ensure high quality developments in the future.  

Jules Brown, also chair of the Fish Quay Heritage Partnership, acted as an independent facilitator for the project, giving impartial advice and support. North Tyneside Council's Planning Policy team also provided support.

The end result is a community-led planning document for the area that benefits local people, but as a pilot scheme, will also contribute to national guidance produced by the Government to help other areas that wish to produce a Neighbourhood Plan in the future.


Available Downloads:


Fish Quay Neighbourhood Plan Supplementary Planning Document

 Appendix: Schedule of Responses to the consultation

Appendix: Screening Statement

Adoption Statement  




As a SPD, the document is subject to a round of formal consultation, in line with the guidance set out in Part 5 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. A formal public consultation process commenced on 18th January 2013, and lasted for six weeks. The draft SPD was consulted on in a number of ways, including a letter drop to the area's residents, publicity posters and drop-in events.

Over 250 individual comments were received. All responses received were discussed by the Neighbourhood Plan Group, who in their meeting of 11th March 2013, made decisions on how to address them in the final draft SPD. The responses received, along with information on how the feedback was addressed in the final SPD, is available as an appendix to the SPD.

Contact Details

Should you have any queries about the Fish Quay Neighbourhood Plan Supplementary Planning Document, please contact:

Laura Hewitt, Planning Policy Officer, North Tyneside Council or 0191 6436310

Neighbourhood Plan Group - Fish Quay History

What’s happened so far?

The project officially started in Summer 2011. After appointing a Chair and vice-Chair, and establishing what needed to be done, the Group stepped it up and started the process of producing the Neighbourhood Plan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

To get things started, members of the Group jotted down their own ideas for the Fish Quay.  Then, evidence needed to be gathered to back up the SPD and help the Group understand the kinds of issues the Fish Quay area faces.

A series of workshops were arranged where companies and agencies from around the region came to speak.  They provided their expert knowledge on issues such as design, conservation, flood risk, land use and development value. This helped the Group to understand what kind of issues they needed to consider in the SPD.

The Group undertook some consultation in April/May 2012 and the responses yielded were fed into the production of the draft SPD. With the support of North Tyneside Council's Planning Policy team, the North of England Civic Trust and Planning Aid England volunteers, the completed draft was ready to go out on its formal consultation - please see information on the Consultation above.

The final draft SPD was presented to North Tyneside Council Cabinet on 8th April 2013, where it was formally adopted.


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