All Hands On Deck

The Fish Quay has always been an important place for regeneration and development and it’s in the spotlight once again for a new, never-been-done-before project. The Fish Quay & New Quay Conservation Areas are the focus of a new planning initiative introduced by the Coalition Government. It will be one of 17 pilot Neighbourhood Plans, a new provision introduced by last year’s Localism Act. So what’s it all about?

Neighbourhood planning is part of Localism which is all about the Government giving their centralised power to local people so they can make important decisions about their own neighbourhood. The Government wants to empower communities to take control and seriously influence the development of their local area.

Usually, the Local Planning Authority (North Tyneside Council) would write a development plan for the area and include community consultation. But now, local people can get together and write their own development plan which will have genuine weight in planning decisions for the future. Development plans are used to help decide planning applications and development proposals as well as providing a vision for the area.

Since last summer, a group of more than two dozen locals have gathered to form a group which will write the plan for Fish Quay & New Quay Conservation Areas. They intend to consult widely and aim to get as many people as possible involved.


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